Copy Made Simple.

A six-hour writing course tailored to you and your company, based on background you provide.

  • Get a foundation for persuasive writing you can put to work right away.

  • Work through exercises to apply what you learn and measure your progress.

  • Come away with new confidence and skill—ready to write and see results.

Writing with Force

A 45-minute refresher filled with tips for turning “nerf pens” into light sabers. Ideal for a “lunch & learn” or as a warmup for a sales powwow.


Copy Made Simple: $900
Writing with Force: $200 (free for nonprofits with five or more attendees)

I almost always glean a few nuggets from any training session. I have to say that I felt like almost every word you said had value. The content was rich and concise. The examples were useful and relevant. It forced me to rethink how I approach any message that I want to deliver in any format. This was one of the most enjoyable sessions of enlightenment that I have experienced in a long time. No fluff. Pure useful knowledge. Thanks for the effort.
— Gary M., Toastmaster, on "Writing with Force"
Photo by John Hendricks.

Photo by John Hendricks.

It helped me understand what type of copy is appealing to buyers and how to write more effectively from the start.”

”Very specific instructions and suggestions delivered within a practical look at goals for copywriting. You really opened our eyes with your gentle critique of our own copy.”

”I had never been on a copywriting course before and was amazed at how the application of a few techniques can completely transform a communication. . . . I thought the extensive preparation work using our company’s actual materials (catalog, email) made the message and lessons seem all the more relevant. It also provided the opportunity of seeing how the various theories can be applied in practice.
— Staff Copywriters, Scholastic International, on "Copy Made Simple"