Why am I here?

From Salesman to Word man.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with majors in marketing and English. I began my career in sales with a plumbing supply house, working on graduate studies in the evenings. In the mid 1980s I joined an advertising agency as staff writer. I have worked full-time ever since as a commercial wordsmith.

My primary professional influences are Dick Hodgson (The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time) and Herschell Gordon Lewis (On the Art of Writing Copy). You can view my professional profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmoleary/

Writing Coach

In 2013, the marketing director at Scholastic International hired me to conduct a seminar for the company’s in-house copywriters. They were junior and eager to learn; I took them through a full day of interactive coaching. (Read what they said about the experience here).


People are naturally creative and all sincere ideas deserve to be heard. In all things I strive to follow the Golden Rule.


The shortest distance between two people is a laugh and a song. Find some of my diversions on the Extras page.